Sunday, November 22, 2009

the chapter in your life entitled winston-salem

this evening finds me in winston-salem, north carolina, sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy november sunday. emma, carrie-lynne and i are doing homework at krankies, possibly one of my favorite coffee shops. the coffee is not the best i've ever had--i would rather get a cup of gimme! coffee any day of the week, but the atmosphere is quite unique. you know instantly that you are in an art-college town, as the baristas and customers are beautiful, tattooed & pierced, and dressed much cooler than you, and 'interpol' is playing overhead. the first 2 weeks of summer after freshman year i spent on the partially enclosed patio nearly every day, smoking cigarettes and finishing the work for the 2 classes that I had taken incompletes in. although my moms only been living in north carolina since september of 2007, i already have memories associated with this place. i guess winston-salem is some place i'll be returning to often, whether i like it or not.

so--i don't know why i started this blog, but it felt like the right thing to do. i've been feeling terribly disconnected from people and places and things, so hopefully this will change... something. i intend to keep this up through winter break and through my semester abroad. friends--if you like to read blogs, then add mine to the list of those that you peruse on occasion. i do not promise excitement or originality. i'm just another 20 year old girl starting an online journal. there yah go.

and also: the song that inspired the title of this post

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  1. your going abroad? I'll miss you :( where are you going?

    & I love blogs to death. I still have a xanga from back in the day, I update a private one all the time. I'm going to enjoy reading yours as well!! <3