Thursday, February 18, 2010

update shmupdate

AN UPDATE of things I have learned/done/seen since i've been in Amsterdam (officially 3 weeks):
  • I love ringing my bike bell at pedestrians in the bike lane. it gives me a false sense of power and any excuse to use my bell is good for me.
  • Tonic water tastes like gin to me which lead me to think for an entire night that I had (accidentally) relapsed on a sip of gin.
  • Dutch people are much taller than me, in general. I'm used to being one of the 'taller' girls, but no longer!
  • Thursday night is (un)officially take out night. 2 weeks ago was 5euro pizza, last week was thai, tomorrow we shall see!
  • Tuesday night is (un)officially drag-queen-bingo night at 'The Queen's Head'.
  • Van Gogh's paintings are 100x more amazing in real life. just sayin'.
  • Daily bike rides to/from school/meetings helps my depression. It only took me 5 years to figure out!
  • I have yet to have a major bout of homesickness. Everyone says that it is coming, but I am still waiting!
  • I am officially detoxed off of coffee--I will have 1-2 shots of espresso every few days or so, but am no longer drinking 20-30 oz a day. This also means that drinking a cup of coffee at 8:30pm will make me WIDE AWAKE at 2:30am, hence this entry.
  • I am pretty sure I am no longer a tourist here, which is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world! My housing permit should be arriving any day in the mail!
  • Even though I am (for the most part) quite happy here, I need to remember that I am still an alcoholic, suffer from depression, and cannot 'let up' on self-care just because I am feeling better.
  • Had my first fall the other day on my bike. Very minor, but I doubt it will be my last!

Anyways, that is all for now. Tot ziens!


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  1. So envious of your bike-life. I remember being a kid and ALWAYS having my knees and elbows scraped from various bicycle accidents, stick a playing card in the spokes and pretend you're a motorcycle.
    Also, congrats on kicking the coffee habit, you're a stronger spirit than I for sure. I miss you, but glad to hear Amsterdam is awesome!