Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pleasure please!

so i am still coming down off of the insane ride that was writing the literature review for my my research methods sociology class. the topic that i ended up landing on was something along the lines of 'sex education, pleasure education, masturbation, and adolescent girls'. quite a lot of variables to examine for my future research fall of senior year, but i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. as painful as it was to do all of the research--especially to figure out WHAT i wanted to research--i feel even more passionate about the subject now than when i began. i think i'm even more convinced that i want to go into some sort of sexuality education work. not like a sexologist or a sex therapist, but some sort of advocate for adolescent sexual health, whether that be in the schools or through a non-profit or something. i mean, i feel so incredibly far away from a 'career' but in reality it is in the near future. oh dear god.

something i am worried about, though, doing all this research on sex, then writing about it, then talking about it is... what if i get bored of the whole idea? what if sex is no longer exciting and fun and wonderful anymore? what if all i ever think about during sex is how to conceptualize and operationalize an orgasm?? i think i will have to talk to some sex educators and ask them about their sex lives before i delve into that profession.

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