Friday, December 4, 2009


i guess you would not call them 'sea'gulls in ithaca, but it seems the most appropriate name, so i will call them that anyway. anyways, this morning during my 8:45am walk from the gardens to the campus center for work, there seemed to be a LOT of them on campus, doing their gull thing, flying around and pecking for worms and all that stuff. all i could think the whole walk was 'one of you fuckers better not shit on me'--and no worries, they didn't. but right at the end of my walk, i saw a certain seagull that made me sad, as he had no right foot. he was hopping around on the pavement, moving a little bit slower than his peers, but doing alright. it made me sad though, and i can't stop thinking about him, and how a seagull would lose a foot, or if he was born without one. i guess these things happen. so i don't know what the point of this story is, except that i am grateful to have all of my limbs entact and working. guess you never know when you could lose a foot.

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